In 2017, is a podcast the fastest way to get a job on the radio?

In 2017, is a podcast the fastest way to get a job on the radio? 

Posted: 4:38 pm Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Here at Cox Media Group Tampa, it would seem so. I started in radio at a time where podcasting was just a cool side thing to do. When 102.5 The Bone flipped to an all talk format and ditched the music side of things, suddenly all kinds of Cox employees were starting one along with every other person who ever thought it would be an easy way to get in. The most recent that I’ve seen is the guys from the Crowded Table. I know these guys and they are a bunch good dudes. I remember when they started. They had one plan in mind. To get on the radio. Roughly a year later and boom, they have their own show on Saturdays now.

So, does starting a crappy podcast give you the right to be next in line for radio? I don’t think so. You must know the right people and by people, I mean either Mike Calta or Drew Garabo must pretty much give the Ok. Without their blessing, you might get noticed, but never go anywhere. Just look what happened to Hoppe Hour.

So, keep trying and keep pumping out those podcasts for the world (or just your high school buddies) to listen to. All it takes is the right person to hear you and you could become instant stardom!


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