The Mike Calta Show interviews for its 5th member, but something feels off.

The Mike Calta Show interviews for its 5th member, but something feels off. 

Posted: 3:36 pm Friday, January 20th, 2017

By Staff Writer

The Mike Calta Show recently had a few folks on their show and set up a poll for people to vote on the next person they are going to hire. So why doesn’t it feel right? Could it be that fact that the 4 remaining members are so close that an outsider coming in could disrupt all the chemistry that has been formed over the last few years? Or did the guys not do a good enough job of picking “that certain someone” for us to vote on? It’s a male-driven show, with one female on the team that is easily the butt of most jokes and plays the dumb blonde, but do we need another female to opposite her? How do we make sure that Mike Calta picks just the right person? Why do we care so much?

I’ll tell you why we care.

Because as you are driving yourself to work or driving your kids to school, you listen. Sometimes you shouldn’t, but you do any way. Mike’s show has become part of your family. I bet some days you get to work and just sit in the car until he finishes whatever crazy antics and entertainment he provided for the day. It’s just like when people get home from work or school, they watch TV or Netflix. It’s listening to a great story before you grind all day behind a desk or having a buddy tell you a joke about something before you must concentrate on something very serious.

So, go on Mike Calta and pick your next victim, eh I mean co-worker. We’ll be listening and waiting for the exact moment when it all goes wrong. Or right. Just please don’t stop entertaining us.