That one time I texted “Happy Holidays” to Johnny B and he never texted me back.

That one time I texted “Happy Holidays” to Johnny B and he never texted me back. 

Posted: 12:24 pm Monday, January 23rd, 2017

By Staff Writer

The holidays are a wonderful time. Lots of giving and sharing going on. Everyone knows this is a time for family and friends to gather. Sometimes we’ll all be around the fire place with a hot cup of cocoa and just reminisce about the good times. This is a time when you reach out to your loved ones and wish them a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays. So, I did.

On the day of December 27, 2016, I was feeling very happy about a new friend I had made earlier in the year. Johnny B. Now Johnny B and I had texted a few times and he was always very quick to reply. I truly enjoyed my friendship with him. All this made me wonder, why after I sent him a message that read “Happy Holidays buddddddy” that he would just leave me out to dry like that. Was something wrong? Was he hurt and couldn’t get to his phone to reply? Had he been kidnapped? My god, was he in trouble? I had to figure out a way to help him. Now!

So, after I did a little research and talked to a few people here at the radio station I was told that Johnny B was here already! Can you believe that? He was here. Maybe he wanted to wish me a happy holiday’s, but he wanted to say it to me personally? Turns out nope. He was just having a busy day and didn’t have the time. My feelings were officially crushed. It’s been a few months now, and still no response from him. Who does that? I guess the Bro-mance is over and I’ll have to find a new friend here at work. Please come back to me Johnny…… please.


Your friend, Buck


Check out the screen shot of the text below:


And this how I now feel: