Posted: 2:41 pm Monday, February 13th, 2017

Do you cheat on your significant other when it comes to watching Netflix? 

By Buck Machete

Some think this is worse than actually cheating!

A Netflix study found that nearly half of couples who stream have “cheated” on their significant other by doing just that.

Some of the top temptations, according to the study, included “The Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad,” “American Horror Story,” “House of Cards,” “Orange Is The New Black,” “Narcos” and “Stranger Things.”

But what makes someone start a show with someone and finish it alone? Is it so good you can’t wait? Did your Husband/Wife get bored and tell you to go on without them? Could happen to anyone. And it happened to me! In fact, We were watching a show and the male cheated on the female during one of the episodes. She said that she couldn’t watch anymore. I had to finish something like 4 seasons of a show I can’t even remember all alone. Damn you Netflix!

So, Chances are…