Posted: 3:13 pm Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

If you try to toss a Dwarf in Florida, you could be arrested and go to jail. So let’s all play safe. 

By Buck Machete

Yeah you heard that right. Florida members of the Little People of America, convinced the state’s legislators in 1989 that dwarf-tossing be made illegal. But why?

When the legislation was passed, some people were quoted as to saying “if a little person wants to make a fool out of themselves for money, they should have the same right to do so as any average sized person” but an administrative authority could legally prohibit dwarf-tossing on grounds that the activity did not respect human dignity and was thus contrary to public order.

So to all the people that laughed so hard during that scene in the movie Wolf of Wall street, when they tossed a Dwarf into a bullseye, those days are long behind! Thanks anyways for the tease Hollywood! Now enjoy these Dwarf Tossing videos!