Posted: 12:14 pm Monday, March 6th, 2017

Mike Calta can fight a Bobcat? Arian Foster fighting a Wolf? Now lets take some time to really think about this and just how wrong it could go. 

By Buck Machete

NFL player Arian Foster’s Twitter now claims her can fight a wolf! A Wolf! People were sending him videos showing animals destroying people and he still thinks he can do it. On the Mike Calta Show they discuss the best maneuvers and situations to get the best of an animal. Does it matter if you’re a bigger guy? Does the animal’s size or claws matter? One guy said to break the wolf’s leg and he’ll run away, but how the hell do you get close enough to do that?


Take a listen on The Mike Calta Cut of the day and see what you think and then scroll down and check out some of those animal fight videos. They are in-freakin-sane!