Posted: 2:10 pm Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

There’s something weird going on in Boston where 11 men have gone missing. I see you Dexter Morgan. I see you. But is there really a Serial Killer on the loose? 

By Buck Machete

Michael Kelleher is the latest edition to the missing males around the Boston area. Authorities are searching for him after he disappeared after a Celtics game last week, putting the city on edge after similar disappearances ended in tragedy.

Police are saying that almost all the men missing end up are being found in the water. The same place Dexter would hide his chopped-up victims. The sheer number of similar cases has led to questions on social media and spawned online conspiracy theories.

It is said the waters around Boston, especially Downtown Boston, present a real hazard to anyone who might be lost, disoriented, or intoxicated late at night.

If you’re going out in Boston late at night, police advise groups stay together and make sure your friends don’t go walking off alone — especially if they’ve had a lot to drink.

And watch out for Dexter.

So, tell us what you think. Did these 11 men all have the same drunk accident and “fall” into the water? Or is there a serial killer out killing Boston Celtic Fans?