Posted: 11:19 am Monday, April 17th, 2017

Video: Associate of the Gambino Crime Family and John Gotti, John Alite joins the Show and talks about 10 years in prison, murder, and Tampa Bay! 

By Buck Machete

Mobster and Hitman. Convicted of murder conspiracy and racketeering. Sentenced to 10 years in a Brazilian Prison. These are all the things that Johnny Alletto AKA John Alite has dealt with during his life. Now a resident in Tampa and nightclub owner. He talks about his past life as a mobster and how once you’re in, you’re never out. Listen to his stories of how just the other day he was sucker punched because of an altercation and how re reacted today vs how he would have dealt with it years ago.

Below in the full interview of the man that once worked for Gotti. Check it out.

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