Posted: 7:03 am Friday, April 21st, 2017

Man lives with Dead Corpse for 3 days. Turned up the AC and sold her laptop and sent a pic to his buddy. And was getting high the entire time. 

By Buck Machete

A man in New Jersey is believed to have lived with a corpse for three days while he used drugs, police said. Officers found Mathew Schmarr, 35, passed out in a residence with a 52-year-old deceased woman on March 21, according to Officers responded after the mother of his child said she received a suspicious text from him.

Investigators determined that the woman had been dead for approximately three days. On March 18, Schmarr’s child was at the residence, according to police. It is that day that the woman is believed to have died, according to authorities. Once Schmarr realized the woman was dead, he allegedly turned up the air conditioner, researched death and decomposition on his phone, showed a friend the corpse and sold the dead woman’s laptop computer, according to the report. Schmarr also is accused of staging a suicide, by arranging pill bottles next to the woman’s body.

Schmarr was charged with failure to report a death and child neglect. Schmarr is being held at the Keogh-Dwyer Correctional Institute on outstanding warrants, according to official records.



By Joy Johnston, Cox Media Group National Content Desk